Ultrasonic Nozzle Spraying System

The Ultrasonic Nozzle Spraying System is designed to optimize spray coverage by atomizing fluids using ultrasonic vibration. The unpressurized, low-velocity spray gently settles on a target’s surface unlike high liquid pressure or air pressure nozzles that create sprays which bounce off of the target. With liquid flow rates between 0.04 and 15 ml/min, sprays can be customized and shaped to meet your process requirements. For superior spray coverage, the nozzles may be arranged in a multi-nozzle configuration.


• Patented Technology
• Adjustable Pattern – Fan Spray and Full Cone
• High Precision Coating
• New Cooling Technology
• Reduced overspray


• Pharmaceutical
• Solar Cell Production
• Glass Coating
• Semiconductors
• Humidification
• Micron Coating
• Vaporization
• Fluxing
Ultrasonic Nozzle Spraying System - Ultrasonic Nozzle - Cheersonic

Ultrasonic Nozzle Spraying System Video

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