Ultrasonic Reciprocating Spray Fluxing System

The UAM6000 is an economical ultrasonic spray fluxing system designed on a reciprocating platform. The ultrasonic atomization module uses a high impact flux transfer system for maximizing topside fills.

The UAM6000 system has many integrated features:

Economical reciprocating fluxer
Easy integration and operation with all wave solder machines
Non-clogging ultrasonic atomizing nozzle
High velocity flux transfer for maximum top-side fill
Low maintenance design reciprocator
Uniform coverage
Reduction in flux consumption up to 80%
Compatibility with all fluxes
(Rosin, no-clean, VOC-free)
Ultrasonic Reciprocating Spray Fluxing System - Cheersonic

Operating Principle

The UAM6000 system can either be installed internally in your wave solder machine or is available as a stand-alone unit.

The system is also equipped with a high impact flux transfer system to help with PCBs that have difficulty with top-side fill, such as those with thick back planes, tight lead-tohole ratios, or contaminated components.

Ultrasonic spray fluxing systems with an non-clogging ultrasonic nozzle and spray dispensing mechanism have been proven in thousands of industrial PCB fluxing applications worldwide.

Ultrasonic systems have a reduced flux consumption by up to 80% as well as reducing solder defects by a similar percentage. Compared to foam fluxing, additional savings are achieved by the elimination of thinner and titration checks, as well as reduced waste disposal costs. Sono-Tex systems have also been shown to reduce flux consumption by up to 50% when compared toconventional spray fluxers.

Ultrasonic Reciprocating Spray Fluxing System Video

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