Ultrasonic Spray Coating For Photovoltaic

At present, the photovoltaic industry is faced with the important challenge of parity on the Internet, and reducing the cost of electricity (LCOE) is of great significance. The development of new high-efficiency batteries has become an important breakthrough. Photovoltaic manufacturing companies actively innovate, and continue to expand the production capacity of high-efficiency cells, replacing more advanced manufacturing equipment, in order to reduce LCOE.

In recent years, the solar energy industry has continuously made breakthroughs in mass production, and a large number of new technologies have appeared in silicon-based, thin-film, and new-type solar cells. The continuous innovation of production technology has also promoted the accelerated and iterative improvement of equipment.

Ultrasonic spray coating for advanced energy applications

The Cheersonic ultrasonic nozzle system uses high-frequency acoustic waves to atomize the liquid, making it ideal for the deposition of nanoparticles in suspensions. The large orifice and ultrasonic vibration of the ultrasonic nozzle make it possible to atomize highly solid materials without causing blockage. This technique is very suitable for suspended solids that tend to coalesce, because during liquid transport, the agglomeration is broken due to the same ultrasonic vibration that can cause atomization. Therefore, the dispersion of the particles in the solution is highly uniform throughout the coating process, providing the most uniform coating. Generally, in advanced energy applications, such as carbon catalyst coatings on fuel cells and electrochemically active coatings on solar cells, the greater the uniformity and uniformity of the coating, the greater the efficiency of the battery and the conductivity of the substrate. The higher. An additional major benefit is that, due to the non-clogging nature of the atomizing spray, raw material waste and spray volume are reduced in the form of expensive metal solutions.

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