Ultrasonic Spray Coating Systems

Ultrasonic Spray Coating Systems with enhanced spray control

An ultrasonic spray coating system includes a converter which converts high frequency electrical energy into high frequency mechanical energy thereby producing vibrations. The converter has a resonant frequency. A spray forming head is coupled to the converter and is resonant at the resonant frequency of the converter. The spray forming head has a spray forming tip and concentrates the vibrations of the converter at the spray forming tip. A source of high frequency alternating voltage is electrically connected to the converter and produces a controlled level of electrical energy at an operating frequency of the spray forming head and converter whereby the atomizing surface is vibrated ultrasonically. A liquid supply applicator is in close proximity with the spray forming tip and spaced therefrom. The liquid supply applicator has an output surface having an orifice therein and the output surface is in close proximity with the spray forming tip and spaced therefrom. The output surface of the liquid supply applicator and the spray forming tip are at right angles to each other, whereby liquid supplied by the applicator is applied to the spray forming tip where the liquid is atomized by the ultrasonic vibrations of the spray forming tip and thereby changed to a spray. An air entrainment mechanism is associated with the spray for affecting and controlling the spray.
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