Ultrasonic Spray Fuel Cell

Cheersonic Ultrasonic Spray Fuel Cell Technology

In order to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of manufacturing fuel cells, we have developed an automated method for the precise application of fuel cell coating materials – ultrasonic spraying.

Many coatings are used in the fuel cell stack, which requires uniform coating using ultrasonic spraying. Solutions of these coatings include copolymers, solvents, suspensions containing various combinations of solvents and carbon… Ultrasonic spraying is an effective method to coat thin layers of these materials. The ultrasonic nozzle uniformly coats the coating without defects, effectively improving the performance of the fuel cell.
Ultrasonic Spray Fuel Cell - Catalyst Spraying - Cheersonic

Ultrasonic Spray Fuel Cell Video

Recommended Equipment

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Laboratory Ultrasonic Coating System
UAM3000 Ultrasonic Medical Devices Spraying
UAM4000 Desktop Ultrasonic Spraying Equipment
UAM4000L Benchtop Ultrasonic Spray System
UAM6000 Ultrasonic Spraying Machine
UAL100 Ultrasonic Dispersion Syringe Pump
LULP500 Ultrasonic Laboratory Device
Prosonic1000 Industrial Ultrasonic Device
Prosonic3000 Most Powerful Ultrasonic Processor