Ultrasonic Spraying For Drug-eluting Stent Coating

Ultrasonic Spraying For Drug-eluting Stent Coating – Cheersonic

As we all know, the core treatment for cardiovascular embolism is to implant a stent for dredging and expansion, and a drug-coated stent can release drugs that inhibit vascular embolism in the blood vessel. Drug-eluting stents include coronary stents, intracranial stents, peripheral stents such as limbs, and other implanted stents such as nasal cavity and digestive tract.

Ultrasonic Spraying For Drug-eluting Stent Coating - Cheersonic

The ultrasonic coating system can be used to spray the anti-restenosis drug-eluting polymer solution onto the implantable stent. He has expertise in spraying hundreds of different medical grade polymer chemicals. Ultrasonic nozzles have advantages in spraying complex stent geometries to ensure coverage of all pole surfaces of the stent. The soft atomized spray can adhere well to the surface, and the morphological characteristics of the coating can be adjusted by modifying the process parameters. High-pressure nozzles cannot apply the coating evenly like ultrasonic coating systems. Compared with dip coating, the coating applied by ultrasonic is much thinner, saving spray material. Because the ultrasonic nozzle is rarely blocked, the spray quality will not decrease over time.

Ultrasonic Spraying For Drug-eluting Stent Coating - Cheersonic
UAM3000 Ultrasonic Stent Spraying Machine

Ultrasonic coating systems have been widely used to apply precision thin film coatings to parts and components in the microelectronics/electronics, alternative energy, medical and industrial markets (including special glass applications in the construction and construction industry) to protect, strengthen or smooth surfaces.