EMI Shielding Coatings

UAM8000 for Spray On EMI Shielding Coatings

Ultrasonic coating technology combined with low-temperature thermal curing is a cost-effective alternative to expensive sputter coating equipment used in package-level EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding processes

Cheersonic’s UAM8000 automatic XYZ ultrasonic coating system can be used for high-performance silver EMI shielding coating preparation. UAM8000 can be configured as an online conveyor for online processing. Standard features include: the use of a fully automatic process based on programming software, easy axis movement and programming, 500 x 500 x 100 mm (19.68 x 19.69 x 3.94 inches) carriage area (larger size available), exhaust system, Ultrasonic nozzle, aerated forming system. The advantages of the UAM8000 ultrasonic spraying process include: complete geometrical film coverage, excellent uniformity, high flux, through the tilt and rotation of the ultrasonic nozzle, the best sidewall coverage in the compact geometry, due to The uniform distribution of particles has excellent surface conductivity, precise thickness control, excellent adhesion, and no pollution.

Inline Ultrasonic Coating Machine Video

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