Ultrasonic Spray Fluxer

Ultrasonic Spray Fluxer – Spray System Nozzles – Cheersonic

The UAM6000 fits into all major wave solder machines and offers a host of flexible capabilities. System features, such as the ability to handle aggressive water soluble fluxes, dual flux configuration, and selective fluxing capability, make it the perfect fit for a range of PCB manufacturers’ needs.

Ultrasonic Spray Fluxer - Spray System Nozzles - Cheersonic

Additionally, the UAM6000 incorporates the latest generation ultrasonic coating technology from Cheersonic for more precise control of atomization, power level control and repeatability. The new control system completes the UAM6000’s versatility, with the ability to quickly remove, clean or service the ultrasonic nozzle’s spray shaping assembly with precise, accurate alignment and easy maintenance.

The UAM6000’s reputation for non-clogging repeatable performance and savings of up to 80 percent of flux consumption continues to reinforce Cheersonic’s position as the industry professional manufacturer in ultrasonic spray fluxing. For more information about Cheersonic, visit http://www.cheersonic-liquid.cn/.

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