Fuel Cell Ultrasonic Spraying Machine

Ultrasonic spray technology can achieve high-precision coating that was difficult to achieve with the original spraying device using high-pressure nozzles, and the material utilization rate is as high as 95-99%. It can also coat liquid mixed with particles. UAM4000L fuel cell ultrasonic spraying machine is mainly composed of frame, electronic control system, control panel, work board, clamping and turning mechanism, six-axis control system, spray valve and touch screen.

Fuel Cell Ultrasonic Spraying Machine - Ultrasonic Spraying - Cheersonic

The ultrasonic spraying machine adopts advanced ultrasonic spraying technology, which can realize the preparation of a variety of nano and sub-micron films in a large flow rate and spraying range; the equipment is easy to use and has a high degree of automation.

Features and advantages of ultrasonic spraying machine:

  1. High efficiency spraying, reducing raw material consumption
  2. Fine atomized particles
  3. Uniform atomization particles
  4. Ultra-low spray flow that can achieve discontinuity or continuity
  5. Not easy to block
  6. Anti-corrosion
  7. High precision and high controllability

Ultrasonic Fuel Cell Coating Video


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