New Biosensor Technology

New biosensor technology is expected to accelerate blood testing of COVID-19 patients

Recently, in a research report published in the international journal Light: Science & applications, scientists from institutions such as York University have developed a new sensor technology through research, which may accelerate the development of new models for COVID-19 patients Blood testing technology. Researchers have used laser technology to develop a handheld biosensor that may provide rapid, real-time blood testing for a variety of patients, including COVID-19 patients with secondary infections such as pneumonia.

New Biosensor Technology - Ultrasonic Coating - Cheersonic

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This new technology can use laser interferometry (the combination of two beams of light to form an interference-like image) to detect special proteins such as procalcitonin. When a patient is infected with bacteria, the level of such proteins in the body It will rise; the researchers pointed out that this new technology is feasible, and they are currently exploring how to expand its application path, the researchers will conduct the first patient clinical trial in the next 24 months.

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