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Ultrasonic spray flux equipment for PCB manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing

Cheersonic produced ultrasonic spray flux equipment for PCB manufacturing. The spray flux system can reduce the consumption of flux by up to 80%, so it quickly won praise and recognition in the industry. Over the years, Cheersonic’s ultrasonic flux system has won a reputation for performance, reliability and strong support worldwide, and has consolidated the company’s position in the ultrasonic spray flux industry.

Cheersonic continues to innovate and adds unique and innovative features of the UAM4000L series. The latest is the air-entrained molding system, which further improves the performance of spray molding. Compared with other sprayed fluxes, UAM4000L can greatly reduce flux consumption, and has better through-hole penetration and top filling. In order to solve the challenges faced by PCB manufacturers today, Cheersonic ultrasonic spray flux is not only designed for no-clean fluxes, but also for corrosive water-soluble fluxes and high-solid rosin fluxes.

Photoresist Wafer Ultrasonic Coating Video

PCB Manufacturing - Spray Flux Equipment For PCB Manufacturing
UAM4000L Ultrasonic Precision Spraying Machine

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