Photoresist Coating Preparation

Photoresist, also known as photoresist, is composed of photosensitive resin, sensitizer and solvent. It is one of the key materials for micro-pattern processing in microelectronics technology. In 1954, the polyvinyl alcohol was first studied by Minsk and others. Cinnamate is used in the printing industry, and later in the electronics industry.

Photoresist Coating Preparation - Ultrasonic Coating - Cheersonic

In an experiment, it is necessary to lay a layer of 10-20 μm thick, as flat and transparent photoresist layer as possible on a piece of glass (square glass of 3 cm width and 0.5 cm thickness) that closely fits the glass surface. The 3cm width film can be prepared with an ultrasonic spraying machine, and the thickness of about 10um can also be guaranteed. Of course, a smaller base can also be prepared such as a 0.2mm substrate.

Photoresist Spray Debugging Video
UAM4000L Ultrasonic Coating System

Recommended Machine
UAL100 ultrasonic dispersion liquid supply system
UAM3000 Ultrasonic Bracket Spraying Machine
UAM4000 small desktop ultrasonic spraying machine
UAM4000L Ultrasonic Precision Spraying Machine
UAM6000 Ultrasonic Large Spraying Machine
UAM7000 Ultrasonic Balloon Guide Wire Spraying Machine
UAM8000 ultrasonic assembly line spraying machine