Spray Equipment For Food

Spray Equipment For Food – Ultrasonic Spray Coating Machinery

Ultrasonic Spray Coating Machinery in Advanced Food Manufacturing Process

Ultrasonic spray equipment for food manufacturing processes

Cheersonic announces the sale of new high-tech ultrasonic spray equipment for advanced food manufacturing processes

The highly specialized application developed in this project is the first of its kind and uses the latest technology, and its detailed information has reached a confidentiality agreement with the customer. UAM8000 uses ultrasonic technology to achieve higher spraying efficiency through precise and uniform coating. UAM8000 can evenly apply a small amount of liquid to the food, which is arranged on a large-area moving net. The advantage of this system is that it can apply accurate and repeatable coating quality, which is unmatched by any general pressure assisted spray system.

This new opportunity, coupled with our continuous expansion into the food safety field, we have been committed to the combination of ultrasonic slicer and ultrasonic spraying machine, which will help us grow in the food industry.

Inline Ultrasonic Coating Machine Video


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