Spray Flux

The ultrasonic spray flux system provides dual flux options.

The customized UAM8000 ultrasonic double-entry liquid spraying machine is designed for PCB manufacturers who need fast process conversion. It provides automatic dual-flux options and accurate metering flow. Based on the control interface of the flux 1 and flux 2 process parameters and the recipe storage control system, the process can be changed quickly without the need to manually change the flux delivery configuration. UAM8000 ultrasonic double-entry liquid spraying machine is compatible with all fluxes, with precise flux delivery pump and selective area flux functions.

Cheersonic’s ultrasonic spray fluxer system is compatible with all flux types, and system components can be configured to handle aggressive water-soluble fluxes.

The Cheersonic ultrasonic spray fluxer system can be easily integrated with all major wave soldering machines, with very low maintenance costs, no clogging, and highly repeatable spray performance, which can reduce flux consumption by up to 80%. Cheersonic is a manufacturer of ultrasonic spray fluxer. Its full range of fixed and reciprocating systems can meet the needs of any PCB manufacturer.

Inline Ultrasonic Coating Machine Video

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