Ultrasonic Atomization Pyrolysis Spraying

Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis (Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis, USP) is an important method for preparing thin film materials. The basic process of this method is: the use of ultrasonic cavitation to atomize the precursor solution of specific composition and concentration into small droplets with a particle size of micrometers (usually the operating frequency of the ultrasonic wave is on the order of MHz), and the carrier gas is carried at a certain flow rate. The precursor aerosol is transported to the vicinity of the heated substrate surface, and the colloidal particles are thermally decomposed and the solid product is deposited on the surface of the substrate material to form a thin film.

Ultrasonic Atomization Pyrolysis Spraying - Cheersonic
Ultrasonic Atomization Pyrolysis Spraying

Ultrasonic atomization pyrolysis spray film preparation system is used to prepare unit and multiple oxide, sulfide, chloride film materials, typical film materials such as ZnO, TiO2, NiO, Al2O3, CdS, SnO2, ITO, etc.

Application Areas:

Thin-film solar cells, nanotechnology, teaching and research, etc.

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