Ultrasonic Medical Balloon Catheter Coating System

It is well known that the use of drug-eluting balloon catheters instead of drug-eluting stents is one of the potential treatments. Cheersonic has more than 10 years of experience in coating balloon catheters using ultrasonic spray technology. Compared to conventional dip-coating and dual-fluid spraying, ultrasonic spraying techniques applied to balloon catheter coatings can produce more uniform thin-film coatings. The balloon catheter coating machine is equipped with reliable and precise ultrasonic atomizer technology, which can uniformly and smoothly coat the surface of the balloon.

The ultrasonic medical balloon catheter coating system has a mandrel and special clamps to keep the catheter straight, and it can be up to 2 meters in the thin film coating process. Typical solvents are THF, acetone, DMAC, toluene, chloroform; polymers: urethane, polycarbonate, silicone, styrene can be used with this system.
Ultrasonic Medical Balloon Catheter Coating System - Cheersonic

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