Wave Soldering Machine Spray Fluxing

Ultrasonic Spray Fluxing System

Wave Soldering Machine Spray Fluxing – Nozzle Spraying – Cheersonic

The ultrasonic spray flux system provides a non-clogging design.

UAM4000L for wave soldering process provides a high-speed flux delivery system that can produce the largest top fill volume without unnecessary overspray. It includes an automatic cleaning design that can evenly cover 2 to 24 inches of PCB. The device has a fixed ultrasonic nozzle and software integrated with the wave soldering machine. Compatible with all fluxes (no VOC, no cleaning, water-soluble, rosin). The benefits of using UAM4000L include reducing flux consumption by up to 80% and eliminating thinner.

Wave Soldering Machine Spray Fluxing - Nozzle Spraying - Cheersonic

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