Coating Photoresist Onto MEMS

New UAM6000 Ultrasonic Coating System is ideal for coating Photoresist onto MEMS and deep well topographies as well as other uniform coatings such as TCO layers, CNTs, polymers, AR, CIGS, and more.

The automated ultrasonic XYZ coating system has been designed for precision electronics manufacturing or R&D. The UAM6000 Ultrasonic Coating System is an economical system for coating thickness from 50nm to100 um.  Designed for precise spray processes where high precision, control, and uniformity is required, the system includes uniform and repeatable thin-film coverage of plus or minus two percent. In addition, the system also has a user-friendly touch screen control system.

The programmable XYZ motion system offers a spray area of 14×14″ with controllable drop size depending on nozzle frequency (30-120kHz). The integrated ultrasonic nozzles provide up to 80 percent reduction in material consumption, non-clogging performance, and precise, targeted spray patterns. Several liquid delivery options are available depending on the flow rate, and several spray shaping options are available, depending upon coating requirements.

Cheersonic’s ultrasonic coating systems can be easily be scaled to higher volume production scale equipment. For more information about the UAM6000 Ultrasonic Coating System, visit

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