Graphene! Scientists make breakthroughs in the field of electrochemical capacitors

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According to researchers from the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, electrochemical capacitors have the advantages of fast charging, high power, long cycle life, wide operating temperature range, and high safety performance. They can be used as high-power power supplies in hybrid electric vehicles, backup power supplies, portable electronics Equipment and other fields have broad development prospects.

However, compared with batteries, electrochemical capacitors also have their disadvantages, such as lower energy density, that is, the energy stored in a unit volume is low, which limits its wider application range, especially in portable smart devices, and needs further Increase volumetric energy density.

This time, the research team prepared a mixed solution of graphene oxide and thermally reduced graphene in different ratios to obtain a composite graphene-based film with adjustable sheet spacing, and finally achieved the effect of optimizing the porosity of the entire electrode material. When the pore size of the electrode material matches the ion size of the electrolyte, the space utilization of the pores is optimized, thereby maximizing the volumetric energy density.

On this basis, researchers have designed all-solid flexible electrochemical capacitors. The good bending performance of the graphene film electrode material itself guarantees the flexibility of the entire device, and further develops smart devices. By changing the circuit connection method according to actual needs To achieve different output effects. According to reports, this research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Key R & D Program.

Source: China Youth Daily
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