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Flux spraying methods include foam wave coating method and ultrasonic spraying method.

(1) Foam wave peak coating method
The foam wave coating method uses a porous foam tube installed in the nozzle. The foam tube is immersed in the flux surface for a certain distance, and after a certain pressure of pure air is fed into the foam tube, a stable flux foam is formed above the nozzle Flow, the PCB passes through the foam flow top and is coated with a layer of flux. Its advantages are simple equipment, low price, convenient use and maintenance, etc. Its disadvantages are that the flux is volatile, the density is not easy to control, and the amount of coating is not easy to control. With the development of modern electronic assembly line towards high density and high integration, this method has been gradually eliminated.

(2) Ultrasonic spraying method

Ultrasonic spraying method is currently the most commonly used flux coating method. Ultrasonic spraying has become an industry standard for wave soldering flux coating. It can replace traditional air spraying and foam coating methods, providing a high precision and high Flux coating solution with high performance and low VOCs emission. Cheersonic provides a complete ultrasonic spraying solution for flux, including ultrasonic nozzles, ultrasonic control, metered liquid supply, etc., which can be used for large-area front coating and selective spraying of special areas, and can be directly Embedded in the existing wave soldering system. Ultrasonic spraying is compatible with all types of flux, reducing 80% of the flux waste, covering even and full coverage, and low maintenance costs.

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UAM4000L Ultrasonic Coating System

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