Fuel Cell Membrane Preparation

The membrane electrode is the core component of the fuel cell, and it is the main site for the electrochemical reaction between fuel and oxygen. The performance of the membrane electrode directly determines the function and efficiency of the fuel cell. Therefore, for a crack sensor based on the principle of fuel cell electrochemical reaction, only a membrane electrode with good performance can have the electrochemical reaction proceed smoothly, thereby ensuring the oxygen sensitivity of the fuel cell air cathode. The sensitivity of fuel cells to oxygen is based on the basic working principle of crack sensors based on fuel cell electrochemistry. The good oxygen sensitivity determines the accuracy of the new sensor for detecting cracks on the transparent outer surface.

The membrane electrode is usually composed of three main parts: an electrolyte membrane, an anode in direct contact with fuel and a cathode in contact with air (oxygen). The membrane electrode currently used in fuel cells is actually a porous channel diffusion electrode, which generally includes two parts: a catalytic layer and a diffusion layer. The catalytic layer is the three-phase interface where the electrochemical reaction occurs, and the diffusion layer functions as the material required to support the catalytic layer, collect current and transfer the electrochemical reaction. Therefore, membrane electrodes need to have continuous channels for protons, electrons, reactants and products. The diffusion layer is mostly carbon paper or carbon cloth coated with a microporous layer on the surface. The electrolyte membrane usually uses a perfluorosulfonic acid proton exchange membrane.

Our company’s method of preparing fuel cell membranes is to use an ultrasonic sprayer to directly spray the catalyst onto the electrolyte membrane, combine it into an electrolyte membrane covered by the catalyst, and then press it with carbon paper or carbon cloth to form MEA.

ultrasonic fuel cell coating – cheersonic

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