Laser etching and marking machine

My customer needs a laser etching and marking machine, which is suitable for high-speed laser etching and stripping of conductive materials on the glass substrate. The equipment is equipped with an ultra-large format stage of 3200mm×2400mm, which can handle ultra-large format workpieces, perform automatic image positioning and automatic high-speed laser etching processing. The equipment carries the functions of automatic positioning laser marking two-dimensional code and reading two-dimensional code, and can also realize integrated product quality traceability.

Our company cooperates with this customer. Our company provides ultrasonic spraying equipment for the development and application of laser etching and marking machines. Our company’s UAM4000L ultrasonic spraying machine has a flow rate of 0.1ml/mim, a speed of ma600mm/s, and a running material of 0.02mm. , The spraying specification is 400*200mm, this equipment is an XYER four-axis operable equipment. Can fully meet customer needs.

Laser cooling nozzle effect video – cheersonic

Laser etching and marking machine - ultrasonic spray cooling
Ultrasonic Spray Coating – Cheersonic

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