Preparation of ITO transparent conductive film

Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis to prepare ITO transparent conductive film

ITO film is a very important highly degenerate N-type semiconductor material. ITO film has excellent properties such as low resistivity, high light transmittance, high mechanical hardness, good chemical stability and strong adhesion, making it suitable for flat panel displays, vehicles, protection, luminous stealth materials, high-rise buildings, and solar energy. Utilization and sensitive devices have extremely wide applications.

Preparation of ITO transparent conductive film - Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
Preparation of ITO transparent conductive film

Our company has successfully prepared ITO films with excellent structural, optical and electrical properties by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis, which can provide technical reference for the economic and green preparation of other film materials. It adopts ultrasonic atomization nozzle technology, which can uniformly atomize the precursor solution or suspension and spray it into a tube furnace for high temperature thermal decomposition to prepare ultrafine powder. It is the spray thermal decomposition (also known as spray thermal cracking) system The key atomization device.

Characteristics of ultrasonic spray pyrolysis

High temperature pyrolysis spray
It can be atomized without adding gas, and the carrier gas flow during spray pyrolysis can be freely controlled
The obtained powder particles are more uniform
High efficiency spraying, reducing material consumption
Fine atomized particles
Uniform atomization particles
Can realize intermittent or continuous work
Can achieve ultra-low spray flow
The nozzle is not clogged and not easy to be clogged
Anti-corrosion sprinkler
Can achieve high precision and high controllability operation

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