Spray Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Ultrasonic precision spraying system sprays the balloon dilation catheter, the artery is unobstructed and healthy

Arteriosclerosis is a very popular disease in China, especially for middle-aged and elderly people, coronary artery balloon angioplasty is an effective way to solve this disease. The purpose of this operation is to repair or reconstruct narrow or severely blocked arteries. The delivery system is mainly used to place a balloon dilatation catheter into the relevant artery. After the balloon is inflated, the artery is expanded and the intima is ruptured, thereby reducing the number of arteries. Again a narrow opportunity. It can be seen that the treatment system of coronary intraluminal balloon angioplasty is mainly composed of a balloon dilatation catheter and a delivery system. The balloon dilatation catheter sprayed by the ultrasonic precision spraying system is the main body of the entire treatment system.

The conveying system is an auxiliary part, and the conveying system mainly includes a guide catheter, a guide wire, and accessories. The smooth implementation of the whole process can keep the arteries unobstructed and healthy.

  1. Conveying system
  2. Guide tube

The guiding catheter is the transmission channel of the treatment system and is the key to the success of the operation. Its main functions include the delivery of follow-up instruments, monitoring of hemodynamic parameters, and injection of contrast agents.

  1. Guide wire

The guide wire is a flexible device that is inserted into the blood vessel and used for positioning. As shown in the figure below, its main function is to guide the guide catheter and balloon catheter along the guide wire to deliver the stenosis. The guide wire is divided into the left atrium guide wire and the steering guide wire. The guide wire is made of medical stainless steel material. The basic structure is that a processed steel wire core is covered with a spring made of a thinner steel wire on part or all of the outer surface, and it is firmly welded to the fixed steel wire core. End and proximal end, so that the guide wire can ensure the smooth introduction of the balloon catheter into the human body, and the diameter of 0.014in has been basically unified.

  1. Balloon dilatation catheter

Balloon dilatation catheter, also known as balloon catheter, is the main part of coronary intraluminal balloon angioplasty. Under the guidance of the guide wire, the balloon catheter is fed into the stenosis section along the guide wire to expand the stenosis. At present, the commonly used balloon catheters are basically divided into two types: integral exchange type and rapid exchange type.

(1) The structure of the balloon catheter: The integral structure is divided into three parts, including the catheter tip, balloon, and push rod. In addition to the above three parts, the fast type also includes the connecting section between the balloon and the connecting rod.

(2) Balloon catheter performance: including balloon outer diameter, flexibility, tracking, pushability and compliance. The tip of the balloon depends on the shape and material. A long soft head is good for guiding the balloon through twisted blood vessels, and a short hard head is good for passing severe stenosis. The material of the balloon determines its flexibility and the ability to pass lesions. The materials are usually nylon and special polyethylene, with ultra-thin thickness, low compliance and high pressure resistance. Low compliance can prevent over-expansion of the balloon at both ends of the balloon causing vascular tearing of the balloon, but low compliance materials have poor shaping.

Therefore, at present, semi-compliant balloons made of nylon materials are mostly used, and non-compliant balloons are mainly used to deliver stents. The connecting section mainly reflects the pushability, flexibility, coaxiality and bending resistance of the balloon. The material of the push rod is divided into two categories: the steel wire reinforced in the center of the shell polymer material and the steel pipe push rod. The former has poor pushing force, but has low friction due to the outer hydrophilic coating. The latter has strong pushing force but easy to break and friction. Large, currently two push rods coexist.

The balloon dilatation catheter sprayed by the ultrasonic precision spraying system is the core medical item of the operation. Keep a small diameter before expansion, and easily pass through the narrow section. Its radiographic properties can ensure accurate positioning and have a safe and reliable effect.

Ultrasonic Spray Balloon Dilatation Catheter Video

Ultrasonic spray balloon dilatation catheter

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