Ultrasonic Spray Dryers

The ultrasonic spray dryers are targeted for laboratory applications.

Equipped with a non-clogging ultrasonic atomizing nozzle, designed to handle water-based and solvent-based liquids. The machine is equipped with formula storage and data recording functions, as well as an ultrasonic dispersion syringe and heating plate.

Ultrasonic Spray Dryers - Spraying Nano-suspensions - Cheersonic

Cheersonic offers a new series of ultrasonic spray drying for laboratories

All ultrasonic spray dryers are equipped with Cheersonic’s unique non-clogging ultrasonic atomizing nozzle. Customers can specify nozzle requirements according to application requirements. These machines can handle water-based and solvent-based liquids. These ultrasonic spray drying is flexible in design and can meet various experimental needs. The system is very suitable for various spray drying processes for R&D and small batch production requirements.

Ultrasonic spray drying is particularly important for product and process development in the following industries: pharmaceuticals (for example, for pharmaceutical active ingredients and intermediates, enzymes and low molecular weight proteins), food (for example, for nutraceuticals, herbal extracts and seasonings) ) And specialty product chemicals (e.g. used in fragrances, cosmetic ingredients and nano-sized particles).

Recommended Machine
UAL100 ultrasonic dispersion liquid supply system
UAM3000 Ultrasonic Stent Spraying Machine
UAM4000 small desktop ultrasonic spraying machine
UAM4000L Ultrasonic Precision Spraying Machine
UAM6000 Ultrasonic Large Spraying Machine
UAM7000 Ultrasonic Balloon Guide Wire Spraying Machine
UAM8000 ultrasonic assembly line spraying machine