Fuel Cell Carbon Paper Spraying

Carbon paper (carbon cloth), also known as carbon fiber paper (cloth), is a special material for fuel cell experiments, that is, gas diffusion layer, which is an indispensable item in the heart-membrane electrode assembly (MEA) of fuel cells It plays the role of a bridge between MEA and bipolar plate.

Fuel Cell Carbon Paper Spraying - Fuel Cell Catalyst Coating - Cheersonic

Proton exchange membrane fuel cell is currently one of the most promising clean energy sources. The gas diffusion layer is an important part of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell. Carbon paper is the most widely used substrate material for gas diffusion layer due to its excellent performance and relatively mature paper-making process.

An aerospace university cooperated with our company to purchase UAM4000L ultrasonic precision spraying equipment from our company to do fuel cell carbon paper spraying. The spraying area is 11-33CM, covering 1-5 mg of carbon black per square centimeter. The thickness is between 0.5-6 microns.

Ultrasonic Fuel Cell Coating Video

UAM4000L Ultrasonic Coating System

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